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1. White or red wine? White.  I am allergic to high quantity tannins so reds are right out.

2. Who was the last person you hugged?  My husband, last night.

3. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher? Yes.  Mr. Stephens, 11th grade, Ancient and Medieval history.  He was my kind of geek.  I wonder what he is doing now.  Rumor had it he left teaching a few years after I graduated to work in finance, at the behest of his wife.

4. Where did your first kiss take place? At a fairly raucous college party, on the dance floor.

5. Do you prefer foxes or wolves? Wolves.  I have always loved them.  Foxes are a close second in the animal kingdom though.

6. What is your shoesize? 8.5-9 W, depending on the shoe.

7. Do you prefer fruit or vegetables? I tend to love fruit more.

8. Have you ever kissed a member of the same sex? Nope

9. What does your outfit consist of today? A floral black and pink silk top from Ann Taylor and brown/black tweed pants with brown loafer-ish shoes.

11.What are your favourite smells? Chocolate, gardenia, lavender.

12.What are your favourite textures? Washed silk, warm wool, soft washed linen, fresh grass.

13.Fur or feathers? I tend to be a mammal person more than a bird person (Sorry Sasha).

14.Tartan or tweed?  I really like tweeds.  I don't have a claim to any tartans.

15.Any beauty tips? Moroccan Argan Oil hair treatments are changing my life.  Thanks [ profile] airspaniel!

16.If you won a LOT of money the lottery and decided to move, where would you move to?  I would probably buy a lot of land somewhere and start a hippie medievalist commune.

17..Alcoholic beverage of choice? Currently, hard cider.

18.What is more attractive: Nice hands or nice feet?  Hands, feet spend too much time in shoes.

19. What’s the youngest you would consider dating? If I am ever in that position again, probably 5 years older than me.

20.What do you think of when I say “the twenties”? Flappers, Gatsby, Downton Season 3

21.Can you ride a bicycle? Yes.

22.What sport were you best at in high school? Chess

23.Heavy rain or heatwave? Heavy Rain

39.Chicken or fish? Chicken, since the husband won't eat fish.

40.Do you think suits are sexy? Yes

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