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So [ profile] evil_fionn , [ profile] snailstichr , Hans, and Nicolas and I went up the Clothier's Seminar in Cúm an Iolair this weekend.  There was so much fun had, it might seriously have been illegal.  We headed up Friday evening, and got in to JoeAngus and Phaedra's at about Midnight.  Then everyone but Hans ended up stitching on projects until about 2:30AM.  

After sleeping for four hours, we got up and going to get Nic to site in time to teach in the first block of classes.  I took a course on Cotehardies that was...well....very much about taking three measurements and then doing bizzare things to them, and was pretty much lost on me.  After lunch, they did the walk through of history, which was really cool, especially [ profile] evil_fionn 's Bathilde gown's debut. 

After that, I took a class on fitted kirtles (which are also occasionally the same thing as Cotehardies or Gothic Fitted Dresses), and this method made so much more sense.  In fact, for the first time, the whole patterning aspect made complete and total sense.  I also took a class on German 15th Century Gowns, which are very similar to Burgundians.  In fact, I was so absorbed in the garb, I wasn't aware the was fighting at the site.  Seriously.  No clue.

I also got to see[ profile] wombatgirl  again (I am sorry we didn't get to visit more.  I was kind of out of it that whole first hour...) and got to meet [ profile] silk_noir , who was so incredibly lovely, and awesome, and smart.  I really look forward to getting to know her better.

After the event, we wandered off and had dinner, and ended up kind of skipping the after revel.  However, we did discover what essentially amounts to fizzy Italian Boone's Farm.   We all ended up crashing out at about midnight.

This morning, we got up and headed out at around 10.  After a fantastic lunch at Olive Garden, we hit Michaels and the biggest JoAnn's Fabric I have ever seen.  Where we found 60" wide decorator silks on sale for $4.50/yd.  Yes, I did just type that number right.  So I got 6 yards of lilac purple (which is not a color I could have imagined, but [ profile] evil_fionn , [ profile] snailstichr , and Nicolas all did an "Oh, girlfriend" when Nic had me hold it up).  I kind of wish, in hindsight, that I had bought about another 6 yards in another color, the sale was that good.  Maybe the Tulsa JoAnns will have some when I get home this coming weekend.

So what do I plan to do with the crazy gorgeous silk I bought.  Well, we have a very, very cool, high persona William Marshall themed event coming up in May, and I plan to have appropriate Garb.  Gorgeous, gorgeous appropriate garb.  I really am looking foward to it, and for reference, its on the Calon/Midrealm border, so [ profile] campagnella  and  [profile] [personal profile] you should both come.


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